Artist Statement


Cherry Bomb




Cherry Bomb depicts eight internationally recognized female musical icons from the seventies:  Donna Summer, Stevie Nicks, Heart, Joan Jett, Nina Hagen, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, and Karen Carpenter. In many ways this exhibition began as a simple homage to my heroines of the musical world into which I was born.  Having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s, my first musical experiences occurred in record stores in the Midwest—buying a Blondie album or a 45 by the Go-Go’s as a seven year old. I adored these bands and specifically the women who made that incredible music.  Specifically, I remember seeing Debby Harry surrounded by her black leather clad male band mates on the interior record jacket of her album, Eat to the Beat.  I loved that she was pretty and could both rap and sing great lyrics—but most of all I liked that she was the only female in the band.  This seemed important to me.

My series, Cherry Bomb, is bedroom poster-inspired and reverential of those whose footsteps predated my own.

Cherry Bomb depicts women from different musical genres such as Pop, Disco, Punk, and Rock. My selective process is twofold: Women whom I feel were important to their era—iconic, strong and visionary. Formally, those whose facial features inspired me enough to engage in the process of making a portrait.

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